Public-Private Partnerships

With each assignment, our firm starts with “The Vetted Vision”: A thorough and documented examination of the opportunity in order for others to see the potential that you see today. Our team is skilled in producing all necessary demographic statistics, gathering traffic and accessibility information, performing financial feasibility analyses, conducting due diligence investigations and entitlement analysis, and developing the support of stakeholders and collaborators.

With a deep understanding of the value of the public asset, we partner with the public sponsor to attract a large field of interested parties for your public-private partnership opportunity.  

RFP/Solicitation Process Management

AJW+A is widely recognized as a leader in the management of the complex proposal response process on behalf of companies interested in public-private partnerships.  Its services ranges from recruiting complementary team members and schedule management to developing relations with key personnel of the sponsoring agency and preparing the response (writing, editing, oral presentations, etc.).

In a typical assignment, we offer complementary skill sets for the client including:

  • Fact Finding and Competitive Intelligence (Likely Competitors, Identification of Key Decisions Makers, Due Diligence of Potential Design/Build/Operate Team Members)

  • Tenant Recruitment (Global/National Brands, Regional/Local Brands, and Fuel Services/Convenience Stores)

  • Proposal Preparation and Management (Managing Input from Multiple Sources, Schedule Management, Team Communications)

  • Bidding Strategies 

  • Financial Analysis and Projections  (Top Line Revenue, Revenue Breakdown by Tenant,  Common Area Maintenance  Costs, Potential Rent Roll)

  • Project Agreement Review and Negotiations 

Truck Safety Program Development
Truck Safety Program Development

A lack of safe, available parking spaces forces many commercial motor vehicle drivers to stop in undesignated or unauthorized areas such as highway shoulders and ramps, abandoned lots, and secluded backroads. 

Further, drivers are spending an increasing amount of time to secure overnight parking as dictated by Hours of Service regulations. This leads to lower productivity. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, drivers lost an average of 56 minutes of revenue drive time daily looking for parking, equating to an annual wage loss of $4,600.

In addition, drivers are not getting proper rest which, in turn, leads to more fatigue-related crashes and fatalities.

AJW+A works with toll road highway authorities to maintain and expand their network of rest areas through enhanced revenue opportunities (primarily vending, advertising , and sponsorships). The firm is also actively promoting the use of the federal Interstate Oasis program. The State of Vermont has taken the lead in utilizing this approach by developing its 9,000 SF Maplewood Travel Center. More information can be found here.


Andrew J. Warcaba & Associates is a professional services and consulting firm specializing in the area of motorist-related public-private partnerships, RFP process management, and truck safety programs.

Its projects have resulted in the cumulative commitment of $750 million (US) of private capital into the development of new modern facilities and roadside amenities throughout North America while providing an on-going revenue stream to public entities.

The firm has served as solicitation/procurement Request for Proposal process manager for government agencies (e.g. Illinois Toll Highway Authority, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, and Florida’s Turnpike) as well as Proposal Manager to leading private sector companies interested in entering or expanding their position in this growing non-traditional market segment.

 AJW+A is also a leading proponent of commercialized rest areas which would permit government agencies to offer motorist services to enhance safety to offset the challenges of limited or decreased funding to maintain these roadside amenities.   





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