In 2011, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) created a new program: The Sponsorship, Advertising, and Vending Enhancement program or SAVE. The goal of the SAVE program was to offset a portion of maintenance costs for operations and improve long-term sustainability of Virginia's Safety Rest Areas (SRA) and Welcome Centers (WC). In support of the SAVE program and in an effort to develop and maximize marketing, sponsorship, and vending, VDOT sought a single-point-of-contact firm to plan, implement, and manage a multi-media rights program including related goods and services.

AJW+A immediately realized that no single vendor could provide the broad range of services sought. Our organization took the initiative to create a team that could respond in full to the RFP. In short order, we recruited the best-of-breed companies in each category (vending, ATM, interior and exterior advertising, kiosk-based tourism information, brochure distribution, and sponsorship) and developed a framework for these diverse entities to work together and respond as one.


While there are significant constraints on revenue generation from rest areas under current federal and state law, the AJW+A-led team secured the contract with VDOT which now generates over $2 million per year for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  



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