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AJW+A served as the Proposal Process Manager for the NYS Thruway Authority. In that role, we developed a Request for Expressions of Interest to understand the interest of the private sector, developed and executed online customer surveys (20,000+ respondents), identified critical success factors for the project, and produced detailed documentation on the opportunity for the Request for Proposals.

The 27 subject properties are located on the New York State Thruway, which is a 570-mile superhighway system crossing the State, running from the outskirts of New York City north to the state capital, Albany, and continuing on to Buffalo in the west of the State.

These service areas offer essential services on the route including fuel, quick-service food and beverage, retail stores, restrooms, EV facilities, truck fueling, and other facilities, operating 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Total food, beverage, and retail turnover for 2019 was approximately $118 million.

Empire State Thruway Partners was awarded the contract which calls for a $450 million capital invest in exchange for a 33 year ground lease.

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