Today, there are three million heavy duty trucks on America’s roads moving 70 percent of the nation’s freight. This means that there are three million drivers who need to stop and rest.

AJW+A is a fierce advocate for expanding truck parking along major highway corridors to address the critical shortage of spaces available to drivers who are taking their mandated rest periods.  In short, e-commerce is rapidly adopting a ‘same day delivery’ model. To accommodate that nimble goal, more distribution centers are being developed in densely-populated urban areas to be closer to the customer’s front door.

Simply, truck traffic will only increase in cities with the need for parking expanding in the urban cores. Asking drivers to drop their loads and then drive 50 to 100 miles to find parking in a rural area (truck stop, interstate rest area, etc.) adds to driver exhaustion, traffic congestion, and poor air quality.

Today, we stand prepared to work with forward-thinking logistics and truck companies, government officials, and ecommerce merchants to address this fundamental shift in traffic patterns.



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