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To better serve the motoring public, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority undertook Request for Proposals process to identify Tenant Teams interested in providing food and beverage, retail offerings, and fuel to motorists at two new, single-sided/ single-access Plazas on the Turner Turnpike. 

The successful Tenant Team (McDonald's, EZ GO, and Back 40 BBQ) was responsible for the design, financing, and construction of the shell buildings, dining areas, restrooms, public circulation, as well as the build-out of their designated spaces. The private partner was also responsible for the development of the parking field for passenger vehicles.

AJW+A was the the RFP process leader and was responsible for the development of the solicitation documents, marketing to over 600 potential bidders nationally, facilitating the scoring of the proposals, and negotiated with the selected Tenant Team prior to lease execution.

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