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The West Virginia Parkways Authority, the operators of the State’s 88-mile Turnpike, engaged AJW+A to lead the ground-up redevelopment of three Travel Plazas.

The $152 million project is part of a major capital program to rebuild the Travel Plazas with work underway on the first two facilities under construction until late 2024. The third Travel Plaza will operate until the first two properties reopen. 

Guided by the results of AJW+A's motorist survey of 3,000+ Turnpike customers, the new West Virginia Travel Plazas will showcase state-of-the-art facilities and will provide patrons with a safe and secure place to rest, relax, and dine.


Design highlights include:

  • Increased truck parking by 20% with 165 spaces at Beckley and 79 spaces at Bluestone,

  • Expanded fueling stations with separate diesel fueling islands and DEF dispensers,

  • New lighting for improved visibility and safety for both the interiors and parking lots,

  • Upgraded seating areas and restrooms, and

  • Robust Wi-Fi access inside the buildings and throughout the parking lot.

Beckley Exterior.jpg
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